Thursday 28 July 2016

Weekend is here again! Make it an African Native Attire one with Grass-Fields

I seem to be obsessed with Grass-Fields pieces. Ever since I came across their website a few weeks ago I have unconsciously made repeat visit to it. Now I like their pieces because they are simple yet sophisticated, they’ve got good finishing and an amazing silhouette which will sure flatter the wearer’s body; again the modernity is second to none.
So I admire their effortless sense of style and I am almost certain their designs will appeal to people with polished and elegant taste. I also love their choice of fabrics and print so I think their pieces will stand the taste of time. Good source of inspiration! So why not make your weekend an African Native Attire one with Grass-Field. Hey ladies, you may just want to tell a friend to tell another friend just like I am doing blogging about them.

Just check these out and tell me if they aren’t lovely…… click on to shop on Green-Fields.

Awesome right!!! Big up to Grass-Field.

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