About Me

Hi, I am Ama Okoji of Glamorous Ama on Facebook, a wife, a mother of three adorable children, a career lady[ working with an ISP based in Nigeria]and a fashion designer who has decided not to be in the limelight yet for some personal reasons.

A bit of me in the fashion world - Right from my childhood, I have always loved anything clothing, accessories and most especially how they are made. Fashion designing and styling is in me, I also call it my number one hobby. For me, it’s my way of life as I see myself unconsciously spending most of my spare time on look books and fashion magazine as well as selling, making, discussing fashion, attending fashion shows and surfing the internet so as to be abreast with the fashion trends. Hey!! as time goes by I will be showcasing some of my DIYs and a lot more of my work here.

My blog was born out of passion for fashion and the desire to share ideas bordering on personal styles, fashion making and beauty. I feel safe to say that fashion, style and beauty go hand-in-hand hence the reason I will be bringing all three and maybe more other lifestyle tips your way. I have committed to ensuring I make post at least twice a week so as to meet up with the demands of my audience[even in my very busy schedule]. I have sure got lots in stock for you my readers however I will continually put in a lot of work at the back end for a better and an amazing experience while on my blog.Remember, "It can always get better".

My personal take on life is that "Life can be good if we desire good life and set out for it" .

Please sit back, fasten your seat belt and relax as I hope to take you my audience on an intriguing and memorable journey into the world of a woman’s lifestyle, the Ama Woman.........Lol.

I can be reached on ama_glamz@stylewithamaglamz.com Thank you!!!

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