Monday 29 August 2016

Think Bag,Think Mira Oma

I love bags and shoes so much and for this reason, I'm always wanting to know more about them; I love to know what’s new in bags and shoes. So a few weeks ago, I decided to look inwards to check out bags/accessories makers within Nigeria who may tickle my fancy, believe you me we've got some fantastic luxury bag brands that are proudly Nigerian. I have actually singled out one whose products appealed to me so very much, Mira Oma brand. Mira Oma is proudly Nigerian luxury brand which creates quality bags and other accessories. I have taken time to check out the quality of their bags, the finishing and detailing and I feel safe to say that they are second to none. Made of leather, Mira Oma bags have got signature style which will sure appeal to people with polished and elegant taste. I must not also forget to add that for bags of such high quality, Mira Oma bags are affordable. So when next you think bag, think Mira Oma.

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Friday 26 August 2016

Style Tips: Jean on Heels will Make You Look Sexy this Weekend

Skinny Denim pant worn with a white Victorian inspired top, a clutch and stripe Sandals
Jeans is one regular outfit that one can usually not go wrong with. It is and can be paired with different kinds of accessories, bags as well as shoes. But this weekend, Jeans on heels it is for me. So for your weekend dates and night outs, try these combos and you will be blowing your partner's mind. Jeans on heel worn with a lovely floral or plain top and a boyfriend jacket to put some chic and a bit of sultry touch will just be perfect for every body shapes as well as body sizes.
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Monday 22 August 2016

Style Tips: Infusion of The Victorian Style into Work Life

High Neck Frilly Womens Satin Vintage Victorian Ruffle Top - Ebay $13.95(Click here to buy)
Still in the bid to keep my style unique and simple, I’d decided to try the Victorian Styles….mixing and matching to achieve an office look. Now I will share a bit about the “Victorian woman”. So the Victorian woman is that woman who’d existed during the Victorian era of the British history and the Victorian era was the period of the reign of Queen Victoria,1837 to 1901. This period had marked prosperity, peace, refined sensibility and self-confidence for Britain and these features reflected a great deal in the way the British dressed.

Sunday 14 August 2016

Eniko Parrish's Wedding Dresses are just so Amazing!

Eniko Parrish is now married to Kevin Hart; the two just tied the knot yesterday Saturday 13th August 2016 in California. Now I found Eniko's wedding dresses so fascinating, both made by Vera Wang.I think she went for the right designer.
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Friday 12 August 2016

Weekend Style Ideas: Maxi Will Make Your Weekend

A Chevron Maxi Skirt paired with chocolate Cowl Neck Top and brown bag and sandals. You will just look so cool in this combo. For me this will be prefered on a light skin colour.
I keep on looking out for different style ideas for myself every weekend and here I want to share the “Go Maxi” idea. Maxi is one outfit that has a long history with one of its earliest appearance in the late 60’s; a piece created by Osca de la Renta for Elizabeth Arden Salon. However, Maxi(be it dress or skirt)is worn today with so much elegance and modernity. Here are some Pinterest curated Maxi ideas that will inspire you.

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Tips on How to Stay Very Stylish on a Budget

Hey Ladies, greater number of us are addicted to spontaneous and frivolous buying which leaves us at the end of the day buying dresses, jewelries, bags, shoes or make-ups we may never use or wear. I believe, shopping is a ladies unconscious hobby, but….

Wednesday 10 August 2016

I am Loving Stella McCartney's New Season Bags

Stella McCartney Shoulder Bags
Stella McCartney's new season bags aren’t to be ignore when seen, you'll most likely take a second look at them because they do not look like the regulars. Their shapes and structures are sure good for making strong fashion statement, so I decided to share these bags from their new collection here. For me, Stella McCartney bucket-like kind-of shoulder bag will just be cool on lots of outfits, be it cooperate or casual. Check them out in different colours. what do you think?
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Tuesday 9 August 2016

Style Ideas: 7 nice-to-have Office Bags

A Tote Bag is a given for working Ladies and this Gucci Signature Leather top handle bag is a good definition of what I mean. Get yourself a tote bag in this form and your Monday, Tuesday and other early weekdays cooperate or smart casual outfit will be complete. Don't forget, black is that one colour that is basic, so with a black tote bag paired with any of  your multi coloured outfits you sure'll be good to go. However,to shop this Gucci bag, click here

Monday 8 August 2016

Smart Dress,Future of Fashion as defined by Ezra+Tuba in Collaboration with Intel.

Click to watch video Technology embedded into Fashion
It was fun and at same time a bit challenging coming up with this post. Reason being because I needed to research and read so many articles before I could come up with this brief article. 

So what prompted my desire to know more about the future of fashion and technology was an e- book I read a few weeks ago which spoke so much about embedding technology into textile manufacturing as well as garment production etc. It got me thinking that if there are smart watches, wristband and other smart sport and medical wearables (click Smart Wearables to read more), then our regular fashion clothing could also go smart. 

As at today, there are already fabrics or textiles that are smart enough to react to the wearer’s body temperature and mood by changing colour etc; some react to light, sounds and etc. A fabric said to be mosquito repellent has also been developed by a Gambia born Matilda Ceesay (Click Mosquitoes Repelling fabric to read more). Hope I'm not sounding too academic, what I have also tried to do is to drop as many links as possible so you could refer to these links and maybe read in details at your convenience. However, I wish to discuss the Ezra+Tuba and Intel collaboration which I found very fascinating. Ezra Cetin and Tuba Cetin are the owners of the innovative and cutting edge fashion label Ezra+Tuba and they have created a piece ornamented with butterflies which are not just decorative. These butterflies on the piece can react to external influence and can disperse en masse when triggered. So how does this work? Intel had implanted a sensor that controls the butterflies on the dress. This Ezra+Tuba dress is said to have been powered by a match box size Intel Edison Module. So you see I am sure we will be seeing more of this kind in the nearest feature and on the runway.......fascinating! Is it not?
Technology meet fashion, Click to watch this Video
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Friday 5 August 2016

Will Africans ever Embrace "See Through Trend" in this Manner.

Nicki Minaj at 2015 Video Music Awards
For a couple of years now "see through outfits" have been regularly worn on the red carpets by some celebs, so I kept asking myself the question, is “see through” a fashion trend? The answer I think is yes only that the “see-through-trend” is sure for a certain class of people, Celebs and or ordinary people who are desperately demanding for attention. Obviously, a lot of these people are willing to push the boundaries usually for the sake of making themselves center of attraction but the fact still remains that it take guts and I repeat guts to rock a “see through” outfit in the public place. I also spotted lots of "see through outfit" on the runway in some Spring Summer 2016 collections, so I anticipate "see through trend" being around maybe for a little longer.I have taken out time to curate an album of some celebs spotted on red carpets in “see through” pieces in the past two years.

Its Weekend!!: Just go Palazzo and You will be glad You did.

Print Palazzo with a beige poncho-like top paired with matching bag and sandals.
I love it when creativity is infused into a lady’s dress sense, so as much as every lady knowingly or unknowing has a visual style{distinct way of dressing), there is need for a touch of versatility in our day to day or season to season outfits.

Thursday 4 August 2016

Lady Gaga Looking Dapper in NYC Yesterday.

Lady Gaga at Tony Bennett 90th birthday party in NYC
Looking cool and more conservative in my opinion in recent pictures, I think Brandon Maxwell is doing a great job designing for Lady Gaga. By the way, Brandon Maxwell designed the lovely Ivory dress First Lady Michelle Obama wore to the State Dinner in honour of Singapore's PM Lee a couple of days ago. Brandon pieces are some worth classic and sure will be timeless, one of the reasons being because of his choice of colours ranging from ivory, white to black and so on.
Lady Gaga had worn one of Brandon’s pieces to Tony Bennett 90th birthday in NYC yesterday and I am so loving the custom black velvet dress. 
See photo of Lady Gaga in NYC yesterday.........

Wednesday 3 August 2016

First Lady Michelle's Fab Look at The White House State Dinner in Honor of Singapore's PM Lee Hsien Loong and His Wife

POTUS is sure proud of His Lady [ Photo Source:]
US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama hosted Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee and his wife for a state dinner at the White House. To cut the long story short, the First Lady Michelle Obama had brought the audience as well as the media spectators to a standstill in her Jackie Kennedy inspired Ivory dress made by an upcoming but big designer Brandon Maxwell. She looked so classy and elegant, and Brandon Maxwell who started of as a big shot designing for the likes of lady Gaga felt very proud and honored(as he expressed on his Instagram page) to have been given the opportunity to design FLOTUS dress for the occasion. 
See for yourselves friends.

Tuesday 2 August 2016

Trend Alert: Give Your Feet a Pom Pom Treat

Aquazzura Pom Pom embellished Raffia Sandals
Following fashion trend is one interesting thing I do, for me it has become an irresistible hobby. So I noticed the pom pom sandals trend sometime around last quarter of 2015, then I had not started blogging but I kept on checking on the success rate of this sandals and I can assure you it’s so popular today. With the likes of Riahanna, Kim K, our very own Tiwa Savage, Rukky Sanda, Stella Uzo and some other enviable celebs and chics rocking the pom pom sandals, believe you me it has become more of an “in-thing”. From my observation, the Aquazzura brands of pom pom sandals seems to be the most popular but thanks to goodness the sandals later sold for half the price of it’s original price of $825 so more ladies can afford this lovely piece. Other fashion designers who have pom pom sandals in their collection include but not limited to Zara, Asos, Elina Linardaki Penny Lane, Loeffler Randall, Dolce & Gabbana, Azzedine Alaia.Again, Asos’s Tan Tie Up pom pom Flat Sandals sold for as low as $43 and less…hmm!! Lovely, right?

Monday 1 August 2016

See lovely Outfits of A'rese, the Winner Season 1 of The Voice Nigeria.

I spotted her from day one, guys not because she won oooo! There was something about her which I couldn't explain the first day I saw her on The Voice Nigeria stage. It was later in the show it became clear to me. She’s got a powerful voice no doubts, and then her charisma, disposition, attitude everything.