Monday 29 August 2016

Think Bag,Think Mira Oma

I love bags and shoes so much and for this reason, I'm always wanting to know more about them; I love to know what’s new in bags and shoes. So a few weeks ago, I decided to look inwards to check out bags/accessories makers within Nigeria who may tickle my fancy, believe you me we've got some fantastic luxury bag brands that are proudly Nigerian. I have actually singled out one whose products appealed to me so very much, Mira Oma brand. Mira Oma is proudly Nigerian luxury brand which creates quality bags and other accessories. I have taken time to check out the quality of their bags, the finishing and detailing and I feel safe to say that they are second to none. Made of leather, Mira Oma bags have got signature style which will sure appeal to people with polished and elegant taste. I must not also forget to add that for bags of such high quality, Mira Oma bags are affordable. So when next you think bag, think Mira Oma.

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