Thursday 1 September 2016

Tips on how to Eliminate the Negative Effects of High Heels

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I have always talked about how much I love shoes in my posts. Shoe is one thing I can spend almost any amount of money on and most especially high heels, however I have also taken out time to do some study on what the effect of wearing high heels could be on me. So I’d decided to share a few of my finding here.
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Obviously, high heel when worn for a very long time causes some pain which does not only occur on the feet or legs but also on other parts of the body like waist, low back, neck or shoulder etc. Again apart from the immediate pain experienced, there is also a long term pain which could be encountered at a later age. So here are some reasons for these pains. Naturally the body is supposed to be centered from head to toe and by this way a straight body posture is achieved. However when one wears high heel, the feet are put at an angle which pulls the muscles and joints out of order thereby causing the body not to be aligned as nature would have it; so much pressure is also put on your toes or forefoot there by causing some imbalance to the rest of the body.  This particular position when stayed in for a very long time would cause pain in specific body parts as the body posture has been distorted. Again regular use of high heels over the years can also lead to change in ones body anatomy. 

Haven seen all these, I have consciously put some caution to the manner in which I wear my high heels. I feel high heels elevate and enhance my outfits,however in order not to be fashionable today and lament in future, I have taken to observing the following tips on how to reduce the negative effects of high heels as recommended by, click here and here to learn more.
Avoid wearing high heels for so long a time: If you are going to have a long walk, you could probably have your lovely flat pair and then only put on your heels while in your office or at an event venue as the case may be. It makes more sense when you are mobile to wear your heels right from home, by this way all you do is step from your car into your office. Walking a long distance on heels regularly will most likely do some harm to your body.

Go for Platform Heels: Always go for high heels that have platform at the front. With this kind of heels, you will still achieve the super high heels look with less pressure at your forefoot because of the raised platform. Remember, a four-inch high heel with one-inch platform at the front is automatically a three inch shoes there by making the shoe more comfy.

Don’t always go for pointed shoes: Pointed shoes put so much pressure on your forefoot, but in a situation where you’ve already got lots of them, make sure you don’t take a very long walk in them regularly.

Stretch your feet: Consciously carry out a kind of leg or feet stretching exercise before and after wearing your high heels by this way, you are able to relieve your muscles and tendons after a day in high heels. Ball rolling exercise is more like it though.
So friend, if you can’t do without high heels like me, kindly try the following recommendations if you are already not observing them because as you know, health is wealth and you can only enjoy your wealth only if you are healthy.

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