Wednesday 7 September 2016

Style Idea: Same Colour Outfit

Colour combo can make or mar your entire look but good enough we are in an era where fashion has taken to being daring and an-out-of-this-world venture. Fashionistas are willing to break out of the norm and always try new things. For me, in mixing and matching colours I’ve been trying out the monochromatic colour combo on my casuals as well as cooperate outfits and it just so fabulous, soft and feminine! Monochrome can be very hard to pull on but so lovely when gotten right[monochrome means color combination that is comprised of just one color; same colour combo]. Hey lovely, try this style idea and you will probably achieve a-new-you-look, sure you’ll love it.

See inspiring pictures of monochromatic colour combos after the cut………………..

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[Image source: Pinterest]

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