Tuesday 28 June 2016

I am Neutral and Natural; Find out Your Colour Personality

Colour is one of the things that is very essential in our lives because we find colours everywhere around us; the trees, the humans, our houses, everything and anything around us is associated with one colour or the other. So I thought I’d do a post on how colours relates to us, how colours define our personality and how colours could influence our looks and appearances.

I once made a post on Style Personality "Style Personality" which is somewhat intertwined with Colour Personality. Colour is vast interms of things it can be related to; personality trait, fashion and skin tones, emotions, culture etc, however, this post will be discussing colours as it relates to Style Personality.

My Post identifies five Colour Personality in relation to Style Personality, but some school of thoughts think there are six or more. Let’s take a ride together on this journey of discovering your Colour Personality.

1.    Neutral Colour Personality(NCP1)
     They are usually the Classic Style Personality. They don’t like too many colours in one outfit and are never comfortable in bright colours like red, yellow, pink and so on. Their wardrobes revolve around basic neutral colour palette like cream, brown, pewter, grey, tan, olive, nude, taupe, khaki, beige, black, white etc. and sometimes love to throw in the mid tones palettes like blue, green, purple. These sets of personalities also like to wear neutral make up and accessories as against bright ones.
      You Know what??? Neutral Colour personalities are said to be OrganizedProfessionalMatureResponsibleSensibleConservativeReliableand Trustworthy. Lovely traits hmmm!!!
Neutral Colour Personality Palatte

Wednesday 22 June 2016

AFWN 2016; Make it a Date to Lagos Nigeria

Designers showcasing at 2016 AFWN

Tiannah Styling and Elegante Kids – Is Toyin Lawani brand
Toyin Lawani

African Fashion Week Nigeria (AFWN) is here again. This is one fashion show in Nigeria that in my opinion has paved way so very much for the young and upcoming fashion designers in and outside the shores of Nigeria as well as beaming more search light on some of our prominent fashion designers like Yomi Casual, Ade Bakare and Coz Designs etcetera.

Monday 20 June 2016

Amazing way to create A Perfect Wardrobe

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes yet you are confused on what to wear when it’s time to go out.
In order to build a perfect wardrobe without spending fortune, you will need to read this. I have taken time to put this article together hoping that by the time you are done going through it, you will have a new and better understanding of how best to build “a wardrobe that works”.

Yes “a wardrobe that works”, that is what I call it.

Thursday 16 June 2016

I am Classic and Casual. What is your Style Personality? Fun to find out.

One major factor which determines your style is your personality. Today, it is my pleasure to talk about some style personality types which I have identified over time. It is also very important to note that some individuals are across several listed style personalities while some individuals change their style personality over time due to age, change in ideology or environmental factors.

Please this article is not meant to box you into a particular style type, it is meant to help you understand why you make certain choices when it comes to personal styles.

Classic Style Personality
  • Love timeless pieces.
  • Buy quality and can spend huge sum on clothing and accessories that will last.
  • Love simple over highly decorative accessories; simplicity is their watch work.
  • Operate with limited color palette in their wardrobe; favorite color are white, black, cream, chocolate, navy etc.
  • Tend to go for plain fabric against patterned or print fabrics.
  • Not a trend or fashion follower. (See Classic Style Personality image illustration below)

Wednesday 15 June 2016

Looking Trim and Sexy: Get the Tips Here

Hi Ladies, I am going to talk about how to look trim and sexy without working out/exercising. Looking trim and sexy can be achieved through different ways, by working out and then again it can be achieved through using appropriate shape-wears. I do not use to be a big fan of shape-wears but I decided to do something different by getting myself some and here are some new learning which I have decided to share.

Women's Body Shapes and what fits(Intro)

Body Shape 1 - Hourglass, also referred to as figure8. This is the balanced body shape [BBS]. Hourglass can be styled effortlessly as the size of the shoulders are proportionate to the size of the hips. This body shape is considered the best body shape.