Tuesday 28 June 2016

I am Neutral and Natural; Find out Your Colour Personality

Colour is one of the things that is very essential in our lives because we find colours everywhere around us; the trees, the humans, our houses, everything and anything around us is associated with one colour or the other. So I thought I’d do a post on how colours relates to us, how colours define our personality and how colours could influence our looks and appearances.

I once made a post on Style Personality "Style Personality" which is somewhat intertwined with Colour Personality. Colour is vast interms of things it can be related to; personality trait, fashion and skin tones, emotions, culture etc, however, this post will be discussing colours as it relates to Style Personality.

My Post identifies five Colour Personality in relation to Style Personality, but some school of thoughts think there are six or more. Let’s take a ride together on this journey of discovering your Colour Personality.

1.    Neutral Colour Personality(NCP1)
     They are usually the Classic Style Personality. They don’t like too many colours in one outfit and are never comfortable in bright colours like red, yellow, pink and so on. Their wardrobes revolve around basic neutral colour palette like cream, brown, pewter, grey, tan, olive, nude, taupe, khaki, beige, black, white etc. and sometimes love to throw in the mid tones palettes like blue, green, purple. These sets of personalities also like to wear neutral make up and accessories as against bright ones.
      You Know what??? Neutral Colour personalities are said to be OrganizedProfessionalMatureResponsibleSensibleConservativeReliableand Trustworthy. Lovely traits hmmm!!!
Neutral Colour Personality Palatte

2.    Natural Colour Personality(NCP2)
They are usually the Casual/Relaxed Style personality. Natural Colour Personality associate very easily with colours found within their world; from rust to green, olives, soft blues, browns to gold, nugget, sands etc. For prints, they prefer paisley, floral prints and love woolly woolens and nubby fabrics. Some words that may be use to describe this personality include: Relaxed, Casual, Unpretentious, Approachable, Natural, Easy-going, Sporty, Down-to-earth. However, if you do not identify with all these words listed here, I bet you, you will find some ring very true to your personality, but if only one or two of the attribute relates to you, you may be Natural Colour persona with infusion of elements from different other colour personality type.

3. Bold Colour Personality(BCP)
They are the dramatic style personality. They like very bright,strong and bold colours, bold and shiny fabrics, and high contrast patterns in bold designs. They wear heavy make-up, very bright one and sophisticated hair style. Their favorite colours are strong and the primaries like red, blue and yellow and then worn in contrast to other colours on their colour palatte. They are usually Bold, Dramatic, Dynamic, Assertive, Direct, Demanding, Intense and are usually center of attraction in a crowd.

4.    Eclectic Colour Personality(ECP)
They are creative style personality. They do not have a particular colour palette but are very willing to try out all form of interesting mixes of colours. They like to add vibes like combining different colours of fabrics and prints and also put in creativity like asymmetry and unusual patterning to their garment. They are good at mixing up the unexpected fabrics, pattern, jewelry and blend colours in a way that no other colour personality would dare try to etc. They are said to be Creative, Innovative, Original, Avant-garde, Quirky, Imaginative, Unique, Unpredictable, Experimental.

5.    Soft Colour Personality(SCP)
They are the Romantic Style personality. They love soft colours like passionate pinks, reds, plums, light blues, greens, lemons, purples and violets worn with delicate pastel or light colour and when going for neutrals they will prefer Champagne, mushroom and cream, fawn, light grey and beige over dark neutrals like black, brown, deep navy etc. They love soft and light fabric and drape is so important in their garment construction as it helps accentuates the femininity. Some of the personality traits associated with this group include: Feminine, Caring, Warm, Nurturing, Gentle, Approachable, Considerate, Understanding, Non-threatening, Sexy.

This post is not meant to boss you into a corner of wanting to adopt a colour style, however it could be a strong guide; also bear in mind that an individual could possess elements of different Colour personality typesI AM NEUTRAL  but I also possess some NATURAL COLOUR PERSONALITY TRAITS.
What is your Colour Personality???
Let’s gist Ladies
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  3. I'm an eclectic type. I love experimenting with colours and styles. Great post!