Wednesday 15 June 2016

Looking Trim and Sexy: Get the Tips Here

Hi Ladies, I am going to talk about how to look trim and sexy without working out/exercising. Looking trim and sexy can be achieved through different ways, by working out and then again it can be achieved through using appropriate shape-wears. I do not use to be a big fan of shape-wears but I decided to do something different by getting myself some and here are some new learning which I have decided to share.

With my new shape wears, I am able to wear dresses and tops that are flattering and figure hugging. Some of us may not be as trim as we use to before child birth etcetera, however, we can achieve instant trim figure effect that will enable us rock our flattering garments with so much confidence. You know that feeling you get when you wear that body hugging dress, look in the mirror and see a bulging tummy? Appropriate shape-wear will help take care of the bulging tummy and give you instant slim fit you need to rock your outfit. I talk out of experience. Again comfort is of utmost importance to me so I consciously look out for features that will ensure a shape-wear is comfortable on me whenever I am set to purchase one.

These are what to lookout for in a shapewear:

*     Seamless shapewear (i.e. shapewears without side seams) and with plain or laser cut hemlines. With this be sure to avoid visible line showing on clingy and hugging clothing, hmmm!!! this can look awful .

*     Shapewears made of lightweight, breathable stretch microfiber like nylon, spandex, elastane. One key word for me when it comes to shape or underwears is comfort therefore lightweight, breathable fabric for shapewear is essential.

*     Anti-slip silicone strips features as those will stop the garments from rolling or slipping.

*     Gusset opening for convenience especially while using "the ladies".

*     Appropriate sizing. To achieve a perfect yet comfortable shape-wear fit, I usually ensure I fit shape-wear prior to buying it. However, over time i have also learned to go for shape-wears(specifically thigh Tamer/slimmer, slimming slip, shaper tank, girdle, bodysuit, waist cinchers) that are a step smaller that my regular size. This is to ensure a firmer fit. Remember also shape-wear are not to be worn at all time. I usually wear shape-wears on days I wear body hugging outfit and also for special occasions

*     Colour of shape-wear is an individual’s choice. However, I like nude colour and black shape-wear which are the colours most shape-wears come in.

Ladies kindly avoid Shapewears with boning as they can be very discomforting and could put visible line on clingy or figure hugging garments as well as to the wearer's skin. 
I hope this has been useful.Happy reading!!! xoxo

Check out shape-wears with features listed above on,,,,,, [ photo credit: Ashleystewart, zivame, barenecessities]

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  1. I agree totally with you, after reading through your article. Many of us have changed in our body shapes, after childbirth. Some ladies that pass through Caesarean Sections to have their babies have totally lost their sweet figure. In such a situation, shapewears are highly recommended, esp the type you just listed. I hate seeing lines on people's outfit due to their inner wears. Kudos to you ma.

    1. @Helen, thanks for reading through. will put up more interesting articles....xoxo