Thursday 16 June 2016

I am Classic and Casual. What is your Style Personality? Fun to find out.

One major factor which determines your style is your personality. Today, it is my pleasure to talk about some style personality types which I have identified over time. It is also very important to note that some individuals are across several listed style personalities while some individuals change their style personality over time due to age, change in ideology or environmental factors.

Please this article is not meant to box you into a particular style type, it is meant to help you understand why you make certain choices when it comes to personal styles.

Classic Style Personality
  • Love timeless pieces.
  • Buy quality and can spend huge sum on clothing and accessories that will last.
  • Love simple over highly decorative accessories; simplicity is their watch work.
  • Operate with limited color palette in their wardrobe; favorite color are white, black, cream, chocolate, navy etc.
  • Tend to go for plain fabric against patterned or print fabrics.
  • Not a trend or fashion follower. (See Classic Style Personality image illustration below)

Casual and Natural Style Personality
  • Comfort is of utmost importance to them.
  • Not a fashion follower.
  • Minimal make up.
  • Not likely to spend so much on clothing and accessories.
  • Work and casual wear may look alike, no strong differentiation.
  • Will usually go for warm colour palate; for e.g. neutrals, cherries, brown etc. (See Casual Style Personality image illustration below)

Romantic Style Personality
·        Dress to enhance and enjoy femininity; alluring kind of styles.
·        Attracted to pretty things like soft, drapey fabrics, velvet, frills, bows, lace, floral patterns, soft colors, etc.
·        Love body hugging garments that accentuates their womanly shape.
·        Loves to wear high heels.
·        Enjoys wearing Heavy make-up and flattery hair styles. (See Romantic Style Personality image illustration below)

Expressive/Dramatic Style Personality
  • Strong self-expression through clothing and accessories.
  • Love to break the norm; always inventive and noticeable.
  • Not afraid of experimenting; they can match unusual colours of clothing and are not afraid of trying on any colour of clothing.
  • Bold and confident.
  • Dress to stand out in every crowd. (See Dramatic Style Personality image illustration below)

Trend Setter Style Personality
  • Usually first to wear fashion well before it hits mainstream.
  • Confident.
  • So conscious of their appearance.
  • Latest clothing and accessories are always found in their wardrobe.
  • Greatly influenced by celebrity fashion and fashion look books or magazines; good fashion follower.
  • Likely to have more clothing and accessories than the other style personalities. (See Trend Setter Style Personality image illustration below)

The fun of reading through this article will be trying to identify what your style personality is. 

My style personality is Classic and casual; however I sometimes exhibit some Romantic Style Personality threats. Other school of thoughts believe there are more style personality than stated in this article.
Let gist ladies!!!
What is your Style Personality?  
Your comments and suggestion on this topic will be highly appreciated.
Thanks for reading through. xoxo
(Image Credit: Pinterest )


  1. Am a combination of many..yea thats how i roll

  2. Am a combination of many..yea thats how i roll