Monday 22 August 2016

Style Tips: Infusion of The Victorian Style into Work Life

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Still in the bid to keep my style unique and simple, I’d decided to try the Victorian Styles….mixing and matching to achieve an office look. Now I will share a bit about the “Victorian woman”. So the Victorian woman is that woman who’d existed during the Victorian era of the British history and the Victorian era was the period of the reign of Queen Victoria,1837 to 1901. This period had marked prosperity, peace, refined sensibility and self-confidence for Britain and these features reflected a great deal in the way the British dressed.

 My interest is not in discussing all that happened during the Victorian era but rather style and fashion of this era which I admire so much, which has also made-a come-back a number of times. The Victorian woman’s clothing were characterized with the follow: Lacy fabrics, light weight fabric, use of lacy trims, puffy sleeves, long sleeves, ball dresses, high necklines with lacy trims, layered clothes, ruffles, corsets, boning on dresses etc.
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There has been infusion of the Victorian Style into our present day styles; I’ve seen Victorian styles embedded into garment made using African print. So this is how far fashion designers have dug into the past. So for me, I have decided to incorporate Victorian style into my cooperate looks as well as my casual looks for this week. Try this style ideas and you will achieve an admirable unique looks of the week.

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