Friday 5 August 2016

Will Africans ever Embrace "See Through Trend" in this Manner.

Nicki Minaj at 2015 Video Music Awards
For a couple of years now "see through outfits" have been regularly worn on the red carpets by some celebs, so I kept asking myself the question, is “see through” a fashion trend? The answer I think is yes only that the “see-through-trend” is sure for a certain class of people, Celebs and or ordinary people who are desperately demanding for attention. Obviously, a lot of these people are willing to push the boundaries usually for the sake of making themselves center of attraction but the fact still remains that it take guts and I repeat guts to rock a “see through” outfit in the public place. I also spotted lots of "see through outfit" on the runway in some Spring Summer 2016 collections, so I anticipate "see through trend" being around maybe for a little longer.I have taken out time to curate an album of some celebs spotted on red carpets in “see through” pieces in the past two years.

Bleona Qereti on 2014 American Music Awards red carpet 
Amber Rose on 2014 Video Music Awards Red carpet
Beyonce on 2015 Met Gala Red Carpet
Jennifer Lopez presenting at 2015 Ameriac Music Awards
Ciara at 2015 American Music Awards
Rita Ora at Oscar Vanity Fair
Ciara at 2016 Grammys
Kim Kardashian at 2015 Met Gala
Joan Smalls at 2015 Met gala
Riahanna at CFDA 2014

What say you about these? 
Do your see this trend permeating into Africa most especially West Africa??? 
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