Monday 8 August 2016

Smart Dress,Future of Fashion as defined by Ezra+Tuba in Collaboration with Intel.

Click to watch video Technology embedded into Fashion
It was fun and at same time a bit challenging coming up with this post. Reason being because I needed to research and read so many articles before I could come up with this brief article. 

So what prompted my desire to know more about the future of fashion and technology was an e- book I read a few weeks ago which spoke so much about embedding technology into textile manufacturing as well as garment production etc. It got me thinking that if there are smart watches, wristband and other smart sport and medical wearables (click Smart Wearables to read more), then our regular fashion clothing could also go smart. 

As at today, there are already fabrics or textiles that are smart enough to react to the wearer’s body temperature and mood by changing colour etc; some react to light, sounds and etc. A fabric said to be mosquito repellent has also been developed by a Gambia born Matilda Ceesay (Click Mosquitoes Repelling fabric to read more). Hope I'm not sounding too academic, what I have also tried to do is to drop as many links as possible so you could refer to these links and maybe read in details at your convenience. However, I wish to discuss the Ezra+Tuba and Intel collaboration which I found very fascinating. Ezra Cetin and Tuba Cetin are the owners of the innovative and cutting edge fashion label Ezra+Tuba and they have created a piece ornamented with butterflies which are not just decorative. These butterflies on the piece can react to external influence and can disperse en masse when triggered. So how does this work? Intel had implanted a sensor that controls the butterflies on the dress. This Ezra+Tuba dress is said to have been powered by a match box size Intel Edison Module. So you see I am sure we will be seeing more of this kind in the nearest feature and on the runway.......fascinating! Is it not?
Technology meet fashion, Click to watch this Video
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Ezra and Tuba are sisters

Ezra Cetin and Tuba Cetin
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