Friday 12 August 2016

Tips on How to Stay Very Stylish on a Budget

Hey Ladies, greater number of us are addicted to spontaneous and frivolous buying which leaves us at the end of the day buying dresses, jewelries, bags, shoes or make-ups we may never use or wear. I believe, shopping is a ladies unconscious hobby, but….

You know how it works, driving or walking through a street only to spot a beautiful top, skirt or lingerie and before you know it you have grabbed and paid for it. There were days I left home with no intention to buy any cloth only to return home with one or two pieces or even jewelry(s). Social media platforms would not even help matters because lots of ladies had been swayed into buying pieces on Instagram, twitter and etc especially when it seemed cheap. In some other cases, you had bought stuffs brought to your work place by a colleague not because you really wanted it but because every other person is buying and you may have ended up using money meant for something else…..lots of scenarios like these occur among us ladies.

Just like I said before, I have been caught up in this web of spontaneous and frivolous buying a number of times but I’ve also consciously worked on what I call “Lady purchasing syndrome”, and by this way have cut down on it.

So I will share a few tips on how to stay stylish and fashionable without spending out of budget.

Identify your need and buy only what you need
Develop the habit of asking yourself the question “Do I really need this?” whenever you want to buy anything. For example, you could see an Ankara fabric in a store, get attracted to it and buy it only to come home and start having the feeling “I shouldn’t have bought this”. In this case, it doesn’t mean the Ankara fabric is not as beautiful but the feeling you are having is born because “you didn’t have need” for it. This also happens when you are attracted to buy a cloth just because it seemed cheaper than usual; you may end up not wearing clothes bought under these circumstances. So make sure “you have need before you buy”.

Do not buy Trend or Fashion always: 
I believe so much in personal style and less in trends because trends and fashion come and go while your style remains. So you could decide to buy trend but make sure greater percentage of your wardrobe is classic (timeless pieces) in terms of style and colour. Make sure over 50% of your wardrobe contains clothes, jewelry or shoes that will not be out of fashion as soon as the season is over. Timeless piece will keep you stylish and trendy, you do not need to make frivolous buying to look good. Remember what is trendy today could be outdated tomorrow.

Buy Quality not Quantity: 
Without speaking long grammar, for me quality clothes, shoes or bags stand the test of time. You may have only three or four quality shoes or bags and look more stylish at any time than someone who has ten shoes. Most cheap shoes (cheap is relative here) will disappoint you anytime anywhere. I've had a peep-toe pump shoe for over three year but whenever I wear it to work, I must receive compliments from my friends and colleagues as if it is a newly purchased shoe. Quantity without quality is one of the reasons behind having a lot in your wardrobe yet not having what to wear when need arises.

Mix and Match: 
Apply mix and match in your dress ideas. You could make five different outfits by just mixing and matching a black pant with different tops and or accessories. So by this way you are able to create different looks in a highly affordable way.

Take Advantage of “Sales”: 
I bought a shoes on Victoria Secret’s only to return to their website a few days to find out that the shoe I bought for about $97USD was up for $45USD. This has happened to me a number of times. Always consciously watch out for stores or online stores running some kind of huge discount or sales whenever you want to make purchases, by this way you are able to save some money.
Hope this post is useful.
Thanks for reading through.
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