Saturday 27 February 2021

12 Unassuming Lessons I Learned In 2020


2020 was a special year; a year that redefined how we live our lives. For me 2020 didn’t only redefine how to live going forward, it gave me the opportunity to rediscover myself through unlearning, relearning and learning new things. In a nut shell here as some very “unassuming” lessons I got a better hang of in 2020.


  1. Not all ‘open doors’ are worth enteringI learned that some things that really look like opportunities are not the right opportunities for us at some point. I got involved in some opportunity seeming activities that ended up being a total waste of my time and resources. I learned to critically analyze offers that come my way to be sure they are valuable offers and that they are really what I need at the time.
  2. Support most a times come from where you least expected – Someone once said that the reason God usually sends total strangers to help us sometimes is because He doesn’t want to share his glory with any man (that brother or sister who will keep drumming it into your ear every seconds about how he/she did blablabla for you). Without sounding religious, I had personal encounters in 2020 where people who I thought would support me at my most trying times turned their backs on me. And did support finally come? Yes! It did, but from quarters I least expected it to come from. Never expect so much from anyone – be it family or friends!
  3. Self love is not selfishness – One thing I have been guilty of for a long time - making other people's well being a priority over mine. Hear me out! There is absolutely nothing wrong about that, what is wrong is when you don’t pay attention to yourself, take care of or pamper yourself just because you are busy with others. Oh yea! It’s a no for me going forward.
  4. You either move in time or you move out of time – This for me stems from the place of “you either do it, do it right and in time or you don’t do it at all”.
  5. Always show up, no matter how bad things seem –  Every human being has a bad day or bad time occasionally; some regularly. I learned that no matter how bad things seem, I have to always show up and in my best attire too(lol). Certain times in our life, we’ll need “motivation or confidence” that comes from WITHIN. Life will always throw hard blows of on us but we have to always dust off and show up as if nothing happened. We have to keep moving – nonstop.
  6. Never mistake what you are offered with what you are worth – Sometimes there is a huge difference between your actual worth and what people think you are worth. When you know your actual worth or value, you wouldn’t just settle for anything no matter how appealing that seems. I learned to define my worth other than just settling for what people think I am worth. Now this comes with a lot of hard work you know.
  7. Every moment is the right moment – Here is a reminder to constantly put procrastination at the back burner or even give it a complete sack letter. Lot of things in my TD list (To Do list) that have been waiting for the right time that never came. Turned a new leaf in 2021.
  8. Don’t accept other people’ limit as your own – So because AZ couldn’t do it, you think it is impossible. Here is a simple call to redefine your thinking of the word “impossible”. I learned to believe I can do it even when some other person couldn’t. I learned it’s one of the mind sets of very successful people. They don’t see other people’s limitations as theirs, they still go all out to give things a try irrespective of how many times someone else had failed; and guess what? This intentional act yields an awesome result.
  9. The higher your vibes, the smaller your tribe – So this very lesson is interesting. Have you noticed a certain friend(s) walk out of your life when you achieve a certain milestone? I have; and even when you try to win them back, they keep distancing themselves from you. I’d taken time to understand why and I found out, it’s very necessary for some people to walk out of our lives at some point. Please do not feel bad, you hadn’t done anything wrong to this friend(s). If you have, at least he/she should come straight with you. I found out that, some people are meant to exit our lives to give room for those who matter at that stage of your life. Yes! Some friend will be there all the way, but those who decide to unceremoniously walk out of your life are really not meant to stay. The reason they walk away or can’t stand you any more is enormous – know today that your life will be better without them.  
  10. Being intentional with your action yield desired results – 2020 taught me to be deliberate with my actions; thinking things through, making necessary plans, executing tightly, backing them up with prayers and achieving required results. My little secret (lol). Be intentional or deliberate with your actions this year (2021) and let discuss your achievement at the end of the year…. I bet you will be grateful you practiced this unassuming nugget I put down here.
  11. Don’t mistake people flocking around your for selfish reason to be love – That someone is always around you doesn’t mean the person loves you or has your interest at heart. Some people are in your life for some weird reasons and we should be prayerful and sensitive enough to identify such friends or family.
  12. God says, keep calm and watch me do this – One thing I know but haven’t been able to fully practice………. Learning to say no to anxiety and nervousness. Keeping to this point is one of my greatest task this year, 2021.
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    Hope you enjoyed reading through these nuggest. What are the lesseons you learned in 2020 that has changed your life? Please share in the comment session below. Please share this post if you found it useful

    Thanks for reading through. Xoxo!

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