Monday 11 July 2016

Style Tips: Crochet and Knit Everything

Crochet Boleros: Boleros in crochet and not just machine knit always come out cute because of the effects the eyelets give.

Some year ago, wears made using knit and crochet technique were so traditional and were never seen as good fashion especially in the African region; in the Western region, they were basically for winter and autumn. The good thing today is,so much creativity has been put into knitting and crocheting and it might interest you to know that a lot of lovely wearable pieces and much more can be made using knitting and crocheting techniques.

When I was in secondary school or high school as some people understand it to be, I learnt how to Knit and crochet. So, then I had made all the sofa armrest cover in our sitting room and also crochet cap for myself, my younger sister and some of my high school friends. It was fun as crocheting always kept me busy at that time; sadly I have forgotten 60% of the skills and art of knitting and crocheting which I acquired as a teenager. I had promised myself that I will learn knitting and crocheting all over again because of the opportunity and trend which knitting and crocheting have taken in the recent times. Trend!! I love to be a trend setter and not a trend follower, so when I perfect my knitting and crocheting skills I will be very creative and will create lovely “pieces” lol. 

Recently I got myself some crochet piece and it's been fun styling them with other garments to achieve an elegant and glamorous looks, so I thought I’d share some tips on Knit or crochet pieces to go for in order to make fashion statements different from your regular. Now, bear in mind that nowadays, Knit and crochet pieces are not just to be worn only in cold weather, there are lots of pieces that can be worn round the year with so much elegance. Some crochet Boleros, Ponchos, Shawl, dresses, tops, capelets, accessories, bags etc. have also been designed for all weathers. 
Here are some lovely Pinterest curated Knit and crochet piece you may love.

Crochet Tops: They are just different from the regular especially when worn with contrasting under garment.

Crochet Ponchos: There is this rave around Ponchos and Kimonos, crochet ponchos will sure make a lovely fashion statement. They are ideal for Winter/Autumn/Rainy Seasons, however, have also got decorative ones that can be worn at all time.

Crochet Capelets or Cowl Shawls: They can be so lovely on garment and can also serve as neck warmer , use to accessorize outfits.

Crochet Collar: Good for highlighting outfits, they just put this touch of glam to your attires.

Crochet Dresses: They look romantic because of it's clinging nature of the crochet yarns. It's a good to have.

Crochet Accessories: Simply breath-taking pieces and a nice to have. 

Crochet Essential/Bra: Help you achieve a very sexy looks by accentuating your femininity.

Crochet Bags: I love them so much. 

So you see, crochet pieces can be worn all year round. There are so much more that can be made using KNITTING AND CROCHET but in the post,I used mostly pieces made using crochet technique. Hope you enjoy my post.
Thanks for reading through. Kindly share your thoughts with me.

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