Friday 8 July 2016

I am Loving These Plus Sizes

Courtney Noelle Model
I run an online clothing line(Click here to see) that 80 percent of the time deal in "Plus Sizes", reason being because I love curvy shapes. 
As a teenage girl, I had always admired models, the slim looking runway and magazine covers models however, I had admired more ladies with curves in the hourglass (i.e. figure8) body shape though.

In my opinion, clothes simply sit very well on female curvy body shapes. So evidently, there had been this rave over the years around curvy shapes and that’s been seen in the growth in boob expansions, butt enlargements and so on; so as a teenager I wasn’t wrong after all in my quest to grow into a curvy woman which anyways I grew into. 
Some very admired female celebs both in Africa and other parts of the world happen to also fall within this curvy shape Category; checking out Omotola, Joselyn Dumas, Beyoncé, Nicky Minaj, Jenifer Lopez, Kim K etc.
Days are gone “ when Plus Sizes” are hard to come by because lots of fashion houses nowadays manufacture lovely, breath-taking clothes in plus sizes. So all the curvy ladies in the house throw your hand in the air and say I am “Naturally Curvy” and I am proud to be.

You could check out plus sizes online on Courtney Noelle, Charlotte Russe, Torrid, YoursClothing and a whole lots of other plus sizes clothing lines.
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Image Credit [ Courtney Noelle & Ashley Stewart]

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