Friday 22 July 2016

Yippee! It’s Weekend: Why not make it a Kimono Weekend!

Rock your Kimono with a sundress
Hey Ladies, hope you had a great week this week and is in the mood for some good rest over the weekend. As for me, I have decided to hang out with my family this weekend and I want to believe a whole lot of us may be thinking in that direction. So why not try these outfit ideas for your dates and or weekend gate away this weekend.You will sure love it..........
More Pictures after the cut.....

You could rock your Kimono with a Romper to achieve this look. So lovely for a weekend get away....isn't it.

Rocking your kimono with a denim short will also give you a wow look. 
Lovely to rock your kimono with skinny pant. This will for sure bring out the femininity in you.
This is simply fabulous, Kimono on a sheath dress. Now me and you know that there some places or venues that this will be best suited know what I mean!
More of Kimono and short look
Kimono and short look
Enjoy your weekend ladies.
[ Images: Pinterest Curated]

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