Tuesday 19 July 2016

Duro Olowu: A Nigerian Fashion Designer I admire

Duro Olowu Harlem Deco-print cloqué dress
Duro Olowu career in fashion design explain so very well the phrase “follow your dream or passion”. He was born in Lagos to a Nigerian father and a Jamaican mother, studied law but finally settle for career in fashion designing. 
Alluring piece with fine tailoring of prints mixed with other vintage fabrics is Duro Olowu’s signature. He’s been able to infuse elegance, glamour and class into African traditional design hence the reason lots of prominent personalities around the world had been styled in Duro's pieces; now this is aside other remarkable achievement he had made as a fashion designer.

As usual, he’s showcased amazing, sophisticated and luxurious pieces in his spring summer 2016 and Fall winter 2016 collection. Take a look…

Duro Olowu's Spring/Summer 2016

Pieces from Duro Olowu's Fall/Winter 2016 Collection...........

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[Image credit: matchesfashion.com and duroolowu.com]



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