Friday 15 July 2016

Style Inspiration: Spring Summer 2016 Round Glasses that must be in Your Closet

Chanel Oval Frame Sunglasses
As we all know garment without good accessories always makes one look flat, so in other to add extra points, highlight your looks and give yourself the desire classy, fashionable or stylish touch, you needs one or more accessories on. 
Let us not also forget that there different accessories for different outfit just like there are different accessories for different occasion, seasons and all. But I will be writing today on that one accessory that conventionally seems right for every occasion,which in my opinion, every classy lady or man must have…..and that issss “Sunglasses”.

I have seen lots of ladies and some celebs lately on this particular type of Sunglasses, “the round frame sunglasses” which happens to be one of the most popular eye-wear styles in 2016.
So guys, when next you feel like getting yourself a sunglasses, you could try a “round frame sunglasses”, however, make sure it fits well on you before buying one because round frame sunglasses do not fit every face shape same way.
In other to avoid putting on funny face for your peeps, the face shapes that best fits round frame sunglasses are square and Oval faces because the frame's round curves balances the lines of angular and square faces. However, you can decide to break the norm if you have a round face by looking out for “a non-over-sized round frame sunglasses” to rock.

See lovely pics of “round frame sunglasses” from some popular designers spring summer 2016 collections.

Ralph Lauren White round frame Sunglasses

Ralph Lauren Dark Round Frame Sunglasses
Chanel Multicolour Round Frame Sunglasses
Gucci Metallic Round Frame Sunglasses
Gucci Oval Frame Acetate Sunglasses
Tom Ford Carrie Vintage Round Frame Sunglasses
Prada Multicolor Round Frame Sunglasses

Prada Wide Round  Frame Sunglasses

Hey guys!!! inspired? You could try these on. Sure they look fab!!
Thanks for reading through. xoxo
[Image credit: Prada, Tom Ford, Gucci, Chanel & Ralp Lauren websites)
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