Sunday 31 July 2016

Work Clothes Ideas: You may want to "Go African" this Week.

It is good to know that outfits made using African prints have now been widely and very well accepted by none Africans hence the reason we see some British and Americans rocking dresses, tops, pants etc made with African print fabrics . Just about 10,15 years ago, it looked absurd seeing a lady who worked in a cooperate environment walk into her office on a Monday or Tuesday in an African print attire. But guess what! Today, it is acceptable in a lot of work places within and outside Africa.

I am delighted we have embraced our fabrics and are also constantly pushing them to higher pedestal by the day. There has been infusion of style, modernity, sophistication and elegance into African fashion by both African and none African fashion designers as well as fabric manufacturers.

So this week, I have decided to “go African” with my outfits from Monday through to Friday and here are some ideas I will be working this week. You could try out these…………….it sure’ll be amazing.
More pictures after the cut......

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  1. Goals! Goals!! Goals!!!
    Africa's fashion representative even in the corporate environment.

    Nice piece Amy!