Saturday 16 July 2016

My Fave from Dolce and Gabbana Summer 2016.

Dolce & Gabbana summer 2016 Sparkling Night Collection
In my opinion, Dolce & Gabbana is that one brand that has got stunning peculiarity. For me,D & G designs stand out always; I love their creativity, the story embedded in their pieces and all. Now, because D & G had captured my attention in the past, I decided to have a tour of their website and see what they have this season and guess what! They never disappoint me. Their summer 2016 collections are simple out of this world.

For starters, I am so loving their "Rainbow Lace Campaign"but that’s not all, they have curated their collections in a lovely manner and the message they hope to pass across is so glaring. 

Their pieces are made of precious fabrics, sequins, furs as well as Swarovski crystals embellishments and embroideries. They have featured a lot of timeless piece as well pieces with astonishing “bursts of colours” and florals depicting the season, summer. An eclectic collections that’s been inspired by Victorian pieces, Gatsby era, the 20’s, 50’s, 60’s, 90’s and lot more.

As earlier said, Dolce & Gabbana has got numerous collections in their summer 2016 and I will be listing them in no particular order and showing you guys my favorites from each collection.
Lets take a ride into the world of DOLCE & GABBANA.
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Lace: The Rainbow Lace Collection

Sparkling Night Collection - The evening-wear collection

SERA – The Red Carpet Collection

Daisy – The quintessential spring bloom

Carretto Siciliano – perfect for beach getaway

Spring in the City Collection - daywear fashion for the contemporary working woman

DNA – Sicilian Heritage, the black dress, white t and denim collection. “An little black dress are never out of style” D&G

Sartorial – Tailored female suit collection

Italian summer – aka wild flower and Citrus takeover

So you see, there is something for every occasion in Dolce & Gabbana summer 2016 collections. With Dolce & Gabbana, “you could be buying less but be rest assure you have choosen well”.
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[Images: Dolce & Gabbana website]
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