Tuesday 26 July 2016

Smart Casual Outfit Ideas(1)

So I work in an office where smart casual outfits are allowed from Monday through to Friday; with no intention to get my friends in the Banking industry and other setups where staff are required to be in cooperate outfit(like suits) all week days jealous, I ‘d like to share these interesting, gorgeous, attractive and fabulous outfit mix. This is not to say that there aren’t lots of gorgeous and sophisticated looking lady suits out there that I admire so much and wish to have,but you know how it feels in Smart casuals; comfy, smooth, relaxed, elegant, glam, simple and so on.

Now friends check these out and get inspired…………………

Aren't they lovely???
Try mixing up or combining your pants,tops or shirts, skirt and dresses with different accessories, handbags and shoes in an unassuming manner and you'll most likely come up with creative and lovely outfit that will have a wow effect.
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[Image: Pinterest Curated]

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