Monday 17 October 2016

Style Tips: Yellow and Grey Combo....... Irresistible!

Happy new week Lovelies. Obviously a new week comes with new strength, new plans, new targets or goal and for me it also comes with new styles and fashion. 

Remember the proverb “dress how you want to be addressed”? So While planning for my week, I also put into consideration the way I will look since that goes a long way in determining how especially new people I am going to meet in the new week or even my existing clients will address

This week I am trying something unique out so I thought I should share. Yellow is one colour that adds brightness to every skin colour when well rocked;it could be combined with varieties of other colours, however, I’d made a match that I think is so lovely both in cooperate as well as casual outfit  – Yellow and Grey. 
So if you have a yellow top or pant or skirt, try combing either of them with a grey piece. This will work for you irrespective of your colour or style personality. You could click on Colour Personality to get more information on that.

Here are some Pinterest curated ideas………………………….

Hope this inspires you.
Thanks for stopping by. Xoxo
Image credite: Pinterest

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