Saturday 29 October 2016

My Favourite Designs From Heineken LFDW 2016

Kiki Kamanu' Piece

Just concluded Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week was a topnotch, it even exceeded my expectations. I was there so I saw things for myself, from the street style to designers whose pieces walked the runway and then the models. I am already beginning to look forward to the next Heineken LFDW knowing full well that it will sure top this year's. 

I must say Kudos to the organizers of this great fashion event which had served as a platform where fashion enthusiasts express themselves, set fashion trend as well as showcase their creations for real value – money. Oh! did I tell you that the exhibition was second to none? There were lots of lovely African stuffs displayed for purchase. When I stepped into the exhibition hall, I’d told myself that Nigerian fashionistas are the greatest patronizers of made in Nigerian But then I wouldn’t have blamed anyone because Nigerian fashion designers are extremely creative and detailed so you are left with no choice but to path with your money for their product – recession or no recession.

Some of the obvious silhouette and details I spotted on the runway are exaggerated sleeves, layered sleeves, fringes, patchworks, sheers and ruffles. So this season ladies, you will be seeing exaggerated sleeves trend as set by DZYN, patchworks as presented by Gozel Green and so on around you.

I have taken out time to curate my favorite female designs that walked the runway of Heineken LFDW 2016.

Kiki Kamanu: Fringe is the new way of life as shown by Kiki.

Grey: I feel in love with all Grey's pieces. They are very feminine because she had played with a lot of soft and neutral colours. They are very elegant and suitable for women who love details but in it's simplest form. The story her collection tell is very total as she'd through this collection taken care of a classy woman's day to day needs.

Ejiro Amos Tafiri: As usual her pieces are cool and will always speak to women with polished taste. I love these three pieces from her collection. I don't mind rocking them over and over.

Amede: I call her the boss lady. Her pieces are so unique. I had listened to one of her interviews on Ndani TV where she explained that she actually design the print on her fabrics herself. So she doesn't go for already made printed fabrics displayed in the market. The process as she explained is so cumbersome, so you can imagine the efforts she puts into her creation.

Moofa: What come to my mind whenever I see her pieces is "African's are creative". So do I need to do a Gucci with Moofa just some miles away from me. She's got very colourful pieces on her collection that walked HLFDW 2016 runway.

Deji Eniola: Lovely pieces. These pieces for me tries to re-define cooperate attire in Nigeria.

Gozel Green: Gozel Green had colour blocking and patchwork re-defined in their collection. These designs have been around but I love the way'd recreated colour blocking to give a simple yet fabulous look to the wearer.

All other pieces on HLFDW 2016 runway were great. All opinions in this post are my personal opinion.
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