Thursday 6 October 2016

Lupita In Balmian Resort17 for Queen of Katwe Film Premier in Johannesburg

Our very own Lupita will never stop slaying. This time she wowed her spectators in a Balmian Resort 2017 number in Johannesburg during Queen of Katwe film premier. 

The piece she had on is one among so many of Balmian’s Resort 2017. The crochet multi coloured dress had been spotted on the runway and well admired by fashionistas. Lupita had added a great tweak styling this Balmian piece by tying a black scarf on her head. For me,Lupita has just styled the Balmian piece in an African way and this for sure looks so fabulous on her. The cream dotted eyebrow definer, the dark eye fillers as well as the unlined lip all added up to give her the glam look. Big up Lupita.

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Model in Balmian Resort17 on the runway 
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Image Credit: Twitter

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