Friday 7 April 2017

Stripes Take Over

Hi Lovelies! It's weekend and I trust you've had a good week.
I am cooking up something😊😋😍.....what did you think it is!!! I am working on a new series of DIYs - the stripe styles, so I thought I should let you in on it........

The stripe trend for female which obviously had strongly resurfaced in the fashion stream is on the rise and so many of them were spotted on the street styles to S/S 2016/2017 runways and then to the wardrobes. Stripes have always been there from time immemorial but they are receiving so much attention in the recent times maybe because they’d made a comeback in a very stylish way. Stripes have been styled by different fashionistas with so much sartorial elegance and I am liking the new stripe trend so much. I quite understand the fact that stripe is one of the basic wardrobe essential needed by every stylish lady for the purpose of working your styles round the reasons. But as a growing child, I never had a thing for stripes may be because I had uncles especially the unfriendly ones who visited my family in stripes and gingham shirts – you know what I mean. That feeling of linking a colour, a design or fabric texture to some unappealing memories…………

But again the recent stripe trend has succeeded in redefining my perception and feeling about stripes. I will be doing a DIY stripe series and I will be showing you ladies my new definition of stripe styles. I am already cooking them up and will be featuring the pin stripes, the bold stripes and in different dimensions like in horizontal, diagonal and vertical, which will also come with an embodiment of mixed mood and feeling. However, I am sure you will love ‘em. Follow my stripe series and you will be sure to get stripe style ideas that you will use to light up your wardrobe. But the choice remains your – if you want to go for the pin stripes or bold stripes. At the mean time here are some lovely stripe styles and also fashionistas whom I feel had slayed like no other in stripes. 

On the runway.............

Thanks for stopping by. Xoxo


  1. So looking forward to the stripes series. Kudos!!!

    1. Thanks hun. It's going to be a hit series. Just stay tuned.