Friday 10 March 2017

Weekend Style Idea: What’am Thinking! – Off Shoulder

Hi Lovelies, hope you had a fruitful week? Mine was a bit hectic but I am happy it's been fruitful.

I decided to make this post knowing full well the issues we ladies face trying to choose an outfit for an occasion. I use to have this problem and I can tell you it is never a function of “I do not have enough clothes” as some of my friend will always tell me.

 It is a function of understanding your life style and building a wardrobe that suits your life style. This simple means, buying clothes, shoes, accessories and or bags that are relevant to you. In this case, you should reduce impulse buying – identify a need for a anything you want to buy. So you just do not buy a cloth, bag or shoe because you saw it on a friend or because it is in vogue/trending. Again ask yourself, “Have I ever bought an outfit that I ended up not wearing or which I wore only once and hated…”

In my subsequent posts, I will be discussing and dwelling a lot on “how to build a wardrobe that works for you”. I had done a bit on this topic in the past and believe me, you will find those posts very informative, just click here or here.

I always emphasize that my post are not meant to box anyone to a corner, they are meant to serve as guide. This weekend, I have got a number events and hang outs and I will be sharing outfit I will likely rock. And I hope you will get some clue or draw some inspiration from them. Fashion they say has not rule, so you could modify whatever clue you take from here so as to suit your personality.

I will do my off shoulder this weekend. Off shoulder trend has been very strong lately but what will make you unique is how you style and accessories yours. It's so elegant, so flattery and can be rocked over time without one getting weary of it. Again if you do not have an off shoulder outfit, you could always get a fashion designer to make one for you. It easy to make though and I’d DIYed(made all mine) myself.

So I am gonna try these looks 

Thanks for stopping by. Xoxo
Enjoy your weekend.

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