Monday 27 March 2017

DIY: The Zaza Multi Print Wrap Skirt

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One of the ways in which I motivate myself every day (aside reading my bible) is by looking out for motivating lines out of the numerous ones flying around on the internet. And believe you me it works; I make these lines my watch/guide lines for the week or the day as the case may be. Just try it out and you will love it. So this is my guide line this week, “The best way to predict the future is to create it” – Abraham Lincoln. 

What struck me most about this quote is the word “create”. You can’t imagine the joy that comes with “creating” or “inventing” something.
Guess what! I created the Zaza Multi Print Wrap Skirt and I am super excited. I tell you there is so much joy in creating…

I made this wrap skirt using 5 different pieces of Ankara fabrics, more like left over from my previous DIYs. It was a bit time consuming joining the different Ankara fabrics to create the flared-like wrap. I took my time to make sure the seams were straight and well aligned. And then sewing very close to the edge of the fabric cuts in other to avoid bulkiness and puckering was another challenge. These were the little trick and techniques I applied to ensure a very clean work like you see here.

Styling the outfit: I had style in many different ways and I will blog about the different ways in which I styles my wrap skirt someday soon. But basically I had opted for a yellow turtle neck body hugging top. I had paired this particular look with an ankle boot and an envelope clutch bag, also accessorizing with simple drop earing, bracelet and rings.
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Skirt: @ama_glamz
Top: @ama_glamz
Footwear: New Look Click here to shop
Bag: Shopmaju. Click here to shop
My Jewelries: Lagos Island (I like to promote
Make-over: @Zaronvictoriaisland

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