Friday 24 March 2017

Let’s talk about your body shape (Part 7): The Apple Body Shape

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So in this post I will be discussing that last type of a woman's body shape on my list, the apple body shape.Women who have the apple body shape have their shoulders wider than their hips with some sort of oval stomach. There are usually no clear separation between the waist and the hip; their upper half is usually bigger than their lower half. So in order to achieve a balanced body shape, go for outfits that add more volume to your lower half (i.e. the hip) so as to create the big hip illusion.

What to Wear:
*Full circle skirts, gather, gores, pleats or A-line skirts will be a good styling option for the apple body shape while sticking to tops that hug to the body and with minimal decors.

*Belt and waist band will help accentuate your waist

*Wrap dress sits well on them.

What Not to Wear:
*Bodycon dresses or pencil skirts are not your best friends.

*Avoid turtle neck as it will even make your bust bigger, instead go for V-necks.

*Avoid padded and push up bras.

Again, this post is a guide to understanding what flatters your body so you could go for what’s best for your body shape.

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