Tuesday 7 March 2017

Wardrobe Essentials With Awed By Moni

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One of the best things in life is doing what you love. And how do I mean, when you do what you love, there is a feeling of happiness, joy and fulfillment. For me hanging out with fashionistas, discussing fashion and styles; and engaging in activities relating to them are things I love to do. So, I’d come across a post on Instagram by Awedbymoni informing and inviting fashion lovers to come over at Meidei Ilupeju for some sort of style and fashion discussion last Saturday the 4th of March - my area of interest it is of course, so I made it and I did not regret it.

It was an interesting session plus the fact that AwedbyMoni is someone I have been longing to meet in person, having followed her on Instagram for some time.

Monica alongside Uzo of ANKA discussed the 12 wardrobe Essentials needed to build a fab wardrobe with practical examples, how to build on your wardrobe if you already have the wardrobe essentials, mixing and matching you outfit to achieve unique and variety of looks and how best to accessorize you outfit.

Hey ladies! Did you know that the following pieces are pieces that are A MUST HAVE in other for you to achieve a fab wardrobe? Any other pieces beside the below listed are considered extra however with these listed pieces, you could have a round the year styling: A white shirt, Black skirt, Black dress, Denim top, Denim pant, Stripe shirts, black suit,  Shirt Dress, Maxi dress, Ankara dress.

Here are some pictures from the hang out.

For more style tips, catch Awed by Monica at awedbymonica.com
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