Wednesday 8 March 2017

The White Top: Mixing and Matching A Wardrobe Essential

Hi Lovelies, hope your day’s been good.  Mine has been eventful – my daughter’s birthday, women’s day celebration and also being at work. I totally agree when people say that women are good when it comes to multitasking because I actually multitasked today.

Mixing, matching, styling, hmmm!!! An interesting venture. So I made a post yesterday about my experience with Awed by Monica at Shop Meidei Ilupeju and stuffs. Please click here if you’ve not seen the post.

Right after the style class with Monica and Uzo of ANKA, I shopped at Shop Meidei. I shopped not because I planned to before leaving my house, but because Shop Meidei, the style class venue had lots of amazing stuffs and most interestingly made in Nigeria outfits – they were quite irresistible. At shop Meidei, I found a lot of maybe not upcoming,but I will say fashion brands I never knew exist. You may want to take a stroll to shop Meidei ilupeju or Lekki.

Back to my gist! So I saw this collection from Kale.kulema, their pieces so much appealed to me. So while I walked round the shop admiring other pieces I found out that at interval I returned to the Kale.Kulema rack. Eventually I bought a shirt&pant set and then this Three tiered sleeves white top. Applying what was taught in the style class was next and here am I.

See below pictures about how I mixed and matched the Kale.Kulema Three tiered Sleeves white top. And this obviously buttresses the fact that a white top or shirt is a wardrobe essential, a must have for every woman; the creation is endless.

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The Office Chic Look: Ideal for a Monday in a regular office. Maybe some banks may not allow this for some special dress code reasons but with this look, I am good for a Monday or even any other day of the week. So what I like most about this look is the simplicity; effortlessly put together with a pop of colour added - the shoe.

The Layered style: I didn’t use to be so comfortable in bright colours like red simply because I am a Classic Style Persona(CSP) and minimalist but then for the sake of versatility, I have consciously added colours to my wardrobe. But hey! I felt so comfy in this combo. Red, white and black are always cool when mixed together.  Ideal for my Tuesday or even Wednesday or Thursday.

The Traditional Urban Chic Look: So ideal for a Wednesday, Thursday or even Friday, this look is chic and flirty. These days Ankara outfits are acceptable in a whole lot of offices and this is a good score for me. Also for a business meeting outside my office, trust me I am good to go.

The Casual Chic Look: So this look is comfy and flirty although it has minimal colour combo – the white, light denim and black. It’s ideal for a weekend date with hubby, hang out with friends and stuffs. The cross body bag totally compliments this look 

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Black Pant – TopShop via besazboutique
Red Dress – besazboutique
Ankara Gathered Skirt – AmaGlamz
Black Shopper’s Bag – New Look
Multi Coloured bag – Nine West 
Black Pump – PrimoPiano
The Bucket Cross Body bag – Shopmaju