Saturday 10 March 2018

On The Neutral Side

So this is how I pulled through this color combination, neutral and pastel. Neutral can be very tricky to wear. As much as neutral colors are classified as cool colors, one has to be very attentive in other to identify the shade of neutral most suitable for one’s skin color. Apparently, not all colors suits a particular skin color; so in effect, some shades of neutral colors(camel, nude, tan, sand,taupe, beige, mocha etc) could come across unappealing on some skin colors. 

If you are the type that pays attention to colors(be it in clothing, hair, shoes, bags or makeover) with regards to your skin color, you would have noticed that some colors palette(s) makes you glow more than the others. And if you desire to understand your 'color personality' and why you are given to a particular color palette(s), please click here. I bet you it's a good read.

I would want you to also stick around as I will be coming up with a post on skin color and colors that best suit them. It going to be more like a guide to understanding colors that are most perfect for your skin color. So you are definitely going to glow more after reading this post. Meanwhile while you await my post on “Colors that Suit your skin color”, check out more of my pictures here.
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