Saturday 24 March 2018

5 Amazing Things To Do On Sundays

So it seems my posts are usually directed at women but hey! This is for everyone. But then, I think women will benefit more from this read. Again, whether you are a working lady or mom, self-employed or a stay-at-home mom, this post is for you. 

 There are 7 days in a week, right? But as I grew older it looked like there isn’t 24hours in one day anymore, thereby making the week come by so quickly usually if you are very busy. So in most cases you find out you have a lot to do but it seems there isn’t enough time to achieve all. I wish to let you know that this is even worse if you happen to be a stay-at-home mom because before you could say jack, the kids are home from school and …
I made a post some time ago where I talked about time management, if you missed it, please endeavor to catch up here. It’s sure a good spend of your mobile data. 
So here are 5 amazing things you should do every Sunday in other to have a more fulfilled and result oriented week.

1. Draw Up Your To Do List or Weekly Plan
In order to get a good head start for your week, you have to plan your week. And No! This does not apply to only working women. In fact, I think a stay-at-home mom need this even more. Take your pen and paper (diary preferred), pen down all you wish to do Monday to Saturday and assign time to them. This practice seems to be more with entrepreneurs but you will be fair to yourself even as an employee to write down expectations from your work place. It will make your work easier as you have a guide to work with for the week. Then for stay-at-home moms, pen down the activities of the week – a reminder to be at the kid’s school to sort out stuffs, that medical visit etc. Then ensure you work with your “To Do List” (TDL) or weekly plan and you will be amazed at the outcome.
2. Fix Up the Home
So here is what I do, I ensure all the washings and cleanings are done on Saturdays however, I bring out about an hour every Sunday to ensure everything in the house are at the right places. I ensure the kids school uniforms, shoes, bags are all placed at the appropriate places. I ensure the kids’ snacks for the week are available and I ensure all that will be needed for the week, groceries are available and placed at their appropriate corners etc. I ensure all the clothes I will wear for the week have been selected and displayed in my wardrobe (may not be ironed though). This is what the home fix-up does for me, it saves me some time during the week. Days that I wake up confused as par what to wear to work are usually within any week I fail to do my home-fixing.

3.Have a Good Rest and Relax
Writing this, I am also consciously reminding myself because there are some Sundays I fail to do this. Seems I got this point from my Dad growing up, My Dad will never fail to have his afternoon siesta (at least 2 hours sleep after Church and afternoon meals on Sundays). This was one of the reasons we woke up very early to cook before going to church. Trust me, by default I cook before going to church as well as this avails me that opportunity to eat and rest once I am back from church. But hey! In my own case, resting could come as catching up on my favorite soaps, playing with the kids or gisting with hubby. But whatever yours becomes, block out at least two hours on your Sundays just for rest and relaxation.
4. Create a Reach Out Moments
 Make out time to communicate via phone calls or visit loved ones. If you live and work in cities like Lagos, you will probably relate more with this point. So I am not saying you can’t and shouldn’t call or visit your loved ones during week days. Most of the time, especially when you are so busy, you tend to either forget or even be so tired to initiate a chat or calls to loved ones. There have been cases I drove for 3 to 4 hours while coming back from work; I avoided taking calls on some of those occasions because I was tired. In my own case, I make out about an hour to call and chat with family and friends and trust me it avails you the opportunity to catch up on all you missed. You know what I mean!

 5. Catch Some Fresh Air

I look forward to this although it does not happen every Sunday. It could be an opportunity for you to bond with your partner and family. Find out time to hang out with family or your partner in a local restaurant within your location , parks(if there are safe ones around you, etc). My favorite is a kind of sit-out open place. I can tell you my favorite spots but you first inbox me for Attend friend birthday parties, naming ceremony etc 

Trust you had picked one or two useful tips from this post. This is only but a guide on how to meaningfully spend your Sunday in a way that will ensure you have a more relaxed and fulfilled week. 
While you are at all these, ensure commit your plans in the hands of Almighty God without who we can do nothing.

Kindly share with me other things you do on your Sundays to ensure a week of content.

Thanks for stopping by. Xoxo

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