Monday 12 June 2017

Time Management: Most Powerful Tips

I had shared my lifestyle on several occasions in the time past, although I did that on some social media platforms and never did on the blog. As a matter of request, I've decided to share it as well as some very useful tips on how to successfully multitask and yet achieve excellent result in this post.
When people say “I don’t have enough time” I wonder at what they mean by that because in my opinion, the amount of time we have is a function of choice and what we have decided to do with the time. Wondering what that means? Then continue reading……

A brief background info about myself - I am a mother and a wife, I work (8am – 5pm), I blog and I sew. “All these done by you?” some of my friends would ask me. And the answer is “yes”. Then the next always expected question is “how do you cope…?” The truth is I cope very well and I make sure no aspect of my life suffers. It’s all about time management

So here is more like a summary of how I run my schedule. On Sundays – go to church, attend social functions and hangout with my family, and then cook for the week. Monday through to Friday attend to my work in the office with all seriousness and sense of responsibility, attends to family later in the evening, write my blog posts or attend to my blog, sew for about 2 hours(on some week days). I dedicate my Saturdays mornings to laundry and early morning shopping, and then use the rest of the day to sew or attend social functions if any. Sewing has become fun as I have child proof my workroom so I can allow my kids play around me when I sew. I still endeavor to catch between 6 – 7 hours’ of sleep every day.  Not as easy as it sound though but then, it’s very doable.

Here are the tips I have applied to make these possible:

  1. I plan out my week/day on paper and set goals for myself every week/day – This works magic. I plan how my week will run right from the beginning of the week. Every year, one valuable gift I get from hubby is a big diary as it is very essential for me. Penning down your activities will help you understand how much you can achieve at a given time. As a matter of practice and discipline I follow through my goals for the week/day. This is because it is not just enough to set a goal – the aim of setting a goal should be to achieve it.
  2. Do not procrastinate – For each time you set out to achieve a thing understand that there must be a better time to achieve that. Remember, the bible also say that “there is time for everything”. Give every of your daily activity the allotted due time – do things at the right time and assign specific amount of time to your activities. Do not postpone without good reasons, do not procrastinate.
  3. Prioritize your activities – Of all your daily activities, some are more important than the others. First tackle those activities that tend to bring you closer to your overall daily, weekly or monthly set goal.
  4. Do not give in to distractions – For example consciously block of intermittent visit to social media platforms except if it is very useful to your business or set goal. It can be a huge distraction and time wasting avenue as it is one place you can burn huge amount of time without quickly realizing. Take control of your use of social media platforms, don’t let your social media control you.
  5. Motivate yourself into enjoying what you do – The manner in which time ticks for every individual is a function of what you are doing. The level of love and passion you have for what you do could either make the time run fast or drag. Has this ever happened to you or someone you know? When you are passionate and engrossed with what you are doing at a particular point in time, time seems to fly by and in this case 10 hours could seem like just three hours. However, when you dislike a task or an activity, time seem to drag and in this case three hours would seem like 10 hours to you. The bottom line is if you enjoy what you do, you’ll achieve more and also with all readiness to do more.
  6. Take some time off from your seemingly busy activity to relax – Taking time off to relax energizes and refocuses you. Apart from the few minutes or hours taken daily to cool off, a larger picture of vacation within every year is very important. Now vacation must not be a trip to only the big and popular cities – a trip down to your village or some affordable site seeing or tourist locations within your country will suffice.  

Please share your own experience with me by dropping comment in the comment box below. Also share if you like this post and feel it will be useful to someone using the social media buttons below.

Thanks for stopping by. Xoxo


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