Wednesday 14 June 2017

6 Useful Lessons Learned From My One Year of Blogging

I have learnt a lot as a blogger and I must say it has been very challenging blogging especially because I have to juggle many other life activities with blogging. I used to tell people that I am a business analyst by day, a blogger at night, then a mother and a wife at all times – sound rather tedious right? But bet me I enjoy what I do. Blogging has taught me more about how to manage and balance my time. I discussed time management in my previous post, please check it out here(Time Management)
When I started out my blog in June 2016, I had a clear objective of what I hoped to achieve; but then again at a point it seemed as if I was not sure of what the whole blogging thing was all about. My objective is to share with a certain audience my passion for creativity, craft, fashion and personal style, with the hope that my work as well as message will inspire a number of them and probably spur them into action. I must really re-affirm that blogging is not easy, just like you may have heard from a number of other bloggers; but the secret of running a blog (successful one) is simple in my own opinion.

Persistence and perseverance – so even when it seems people are not visiting your blog, keep posting your articles. Persistence and perseverance do not only apply to blogging but to many other life activities which we set out to pursue – just be consistent and never give up.  The truth is, I have grown to understand that it takes quite sometime and some hard work to build audience who will voluntarily visit your blog except for occasions where you push your post their way via some sought of broadcast on social media platforms and the likes. The main success factor in blogging is content, rich content sells the market for you. However remember you could have rich content but people will not know it’s available. Talking about rich content I will also talk about blog’s that seem to proffer solution to her audience. I believe I can always get better with my content and I have lots of things lined up on how I could get my blog serve as a solution providing blog to my target audience.

Least I forget to mention, my blog basically showcases my personal work plus some style ideas that promise to be inspiring. However I hope to take it to a next level where interested audience can read, watch and learn some basic craft making, sewing and more.

Lessons Learnt:

  • I have learned a lot of new things. As a blogger, I research a lot and I also try to keep abreast with happenings in my area of interest ,the style and fashion industry, plus lifestyle. By so doing I get to learn about things I wouldn’t have learnt if I never ventured into blogging. Again when you search for key words on google for example, other interesting topics or point may pop up and distract you and by so doing you get to learn even things outside your area of interest. So I will say I am more informed, knowledgeable, powerful and wiser than I was a year ago. They say "information is power" – hmmmm!! Sounds interesting, right?
  • To Be Patient and never give up. My patient level has tremendously increased. It’s one of the major key virtue a blogger needs to succeed. So for days things seem not to be looking up, you will need this virtue to come to your rescue so you don’t get frustrated and then give up.
  • Be Consistent. Keep doing what you are doing right. I have had in mind to launch a blog about 2 to 3 years before I finally did but because I felt the time was not right, I held on. Remember the saying “don’t start what you cannot finish”? That was what kept coming to my mind for each time I tried making a move to launch a blog. However, when the time was just right this thought vanished. I didn’t launch a blog because thousands of people were launching blogs here and there, I did because I felt I had useful contents to share. So this goes to say that being consistent has a direct link to being ready and having passion for what you do.
  • Be you and do not be or write like someone else . This line seems to have been over flogged but you know what?? It can’t be overemphasized in opinion. In as much as you have to learn from the fore runners, identifying your objectives and style and sticking to them will usually help you calve a unique niche for yourself.
  • Not to make money your major aim for blogging. I actually didn’t set out to blog for money although I hope I will earn through blogging someday. Like you may or may not know. I am a fashion designer and my objective for blogging is to showcase my work and use this medium as an avenue to encourage others who may have flare for fashion designing and craft to get started. But then whether you have a craft you could earn money from or not, do not just set out to blog for THE SOLE AIM to make money from the blog. You know why?? Making money from blogging doesn’t come so easily; if you do, you probably would be frustrated into quitting within the first six months to one year of blogging. Yea, money will come but usually not as fast as some bloggers make it sound. Big shots like  will explain better.

  • Good things don’t come cheap. With so much hard work put into blogging, I have also had to spend some money in other to put up content that will come across appealing and attractive to my audience. I am an advocate of “whatever is worth doing is worth doing well” So if I’d put up a post with images, I will make sure I have very quality and clear pictures. The cost of a good camera and other blogging equipment will be what I will take up and discuss some other day. By and large, bloggers have made photography a lucrative profession – you know what I mean.
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  1. Wow! This is very inspiring. You share my thoughts,exactly. I was teaching some group of persons about blogging, and the first question 90% of them asked was: "How do I make money from blogging"? Even someone that is yet to know what a blog is, wants to first know how to make money from what he is yet to understand. It's crazy.

  2. Like minds we are. I appreciate you feedback. Thanks for stopping by.