Saturday 13 May 2017

Happy Birthday To Meeee!

Hey Lovelies, it’s my birthday and I am so excited and glad because it can only be by the mercy of God that I am seeing another birthday. I return all glory, worship, adoration and praises to God Almighty.
Again this is my first birthday as a blogger, but then I’d decided to do it my own way – heee!!! I really didn’t check if there is a particular way in which bloggers celebrate their birthdays… My birthday is remarkable to me as I take this very date, May 14th as an appraisal day for myself. I usually make out time even in the mist of any form of celebration to take stock and review my achievement against my set goals in life. After my review this morning,I appreciated God for the kind of woman the little girl who arrived on this earth -3 decades and a couple of years ago is growing into. Don’t ask me how old I am, I hardly tell people. But “does it really matter” people would say; “age is just a number”……lol.
I noticed that the older I get the quicker the years roll by. Do you feel the same way? Maybe because as we get older we become more busy and time becomes hardly enough to accomplish set activities. I have learnt quite a lot over the years but here are a few I wish to share today. I wish to share these because these lessons have seen me through some tough and fun times in the recent years.

  1. “The secret of happiness is acceptance of oneself” hence the reason I always talk about self-love. Happiness is from within and a state of mind we can take control of if we decide to.
  2. “You can,if you WILL”, this is a philosophy I hold dearly - it's actually mine. You will see this line in almost all my posts both on my blog and on Instagram. I am a leaving testimony of this very line.Once you wish for something and rise up to it in action, you will sure achieve it. I have achieved the impossible and I will be sharing my story about “achieving the impossible” as some of my friends will say in my 1 year blogversary post which will be sometime in June 2017. “Stop wishing, start doing”
  3. “Worrying solves no problem”. I used to be a victim of this but as I get older I understand that situation management would rather work rather than worry. Still work in progress….lol
  4. “Little things matter a lot”. Those little kind gestures and paying of attention….ooohhh!!! You may not know how much that means to people around you – your family, your friends, neighbors etc. Just think about this….
  5. “Keep on learning”. There is no such thing like knowing it all and not even in a dynamic world like ours. I keep on learning and knowing and that has taken me far in life
  6. Sometimes, “seeking validation from other people invalidates you”. When people talk down on you, born a mindset to bear it and always remind yourself of your potentials. Never allow fear of rejection hold you from taking necessary and required steps in life. Criticism is a necessary tool for improvement but try to understand when the intent is not genuine so you don’t play to the gallery.
  7. Last but not all, “Show love to others”. This is biblical and it’s also very practical. Showing love could be as simple as just talking to someone who never expected someone of your status could talk to him or her. It doesn’t really cost a thing.
Enough of my sermon, so check me out here. I had made myself (self-love…lol) lovely dresses to celebrate my birthday and here is one of such. The rest will be posted in the coming days.

 Join me as I celebrate........One of my most valued birthday gift from you would be your comments.
Thanks for stopping by. Xoxo💙💚💛💜


  1. happy birthday Amara. Many happy returns.keep up the good work dear. God bless you more