Thursday 25 May 2017

DIY Stripe Series 2- The Oma Navy Stripe Gathered Dress

Hi Lovelies! Trust your week has been good.

I decided to post this DIY today; it is part of my Stripe series. Out of curiosity, I’d used one of my Stripe fabric to sew a cooperate looking kind of dress and hee!! I think it isn’t bad at all. 

The Sleeves of the dress were made with a chiffon fabric which I've had for over 3 years and had wondered what to use it for because it was just 1 yard. Then again, I have a thing for sash lately; if not for change in style, I’d made a sash for every outfit I sew. What do you think about using a sash on this dress?

Styling the outfit: I opted for yellow shoe and clutch. I’d also made a single knot with the sash allowing it the dangle in order to achieve a kind of chic and relaxed look. Sash also accentuates my figure.

See more pictures here……………………

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