Tuesday 14 February 2017

DIY/OOTD: The Ivory Embellished Sash Jumpsuit

Hi Lovelies, happy Val’s day and big cheers to you and yours!

 I'd stated  in the post I made a couple of days ago(click here to see the post) that I show love to people around me every other day but I acknowledge the fact that today’s been set aside as lover’s day. I basically see it as a day set aside to reiterate the importance of love.

The scripture(Mark 12 vs 31) says “love your neighbor as yourself”, so obviously self-love is good but that does not mean one should be selfish……..😉😉😉😉****. I actually gave myself a Val gift with this Ivory Embellished Sash Jumpsuit. But heee!! I have got gifts for my Vals……lol.

I made the jumpsuit using a duchess fabric sources from Lagos Island. Duchess Fabrics are usually used for bridals. I’d gone for this ivory colour because it’s one of my favorite colours; again it suits the occasion, then I made it into this timeless and classic piece. I’d also incorporated an embellished sash for figure accentuation – heee! Guy I love belts because they help define my figure.

Styling the outfit: I paired the jumpsuit with red accessories – sandals, clutch and I also tried out my red satchel bag.

Click to see more pictures....................

Thanks for stopping by. Xoxo
Outfit: @Ama_glamz
Shoe: Capelli Rossi. Click here to shop
Bag: Nine West. Click here to shop
My Jewelries: Lagos Island (I like to promote Naija............lol)
Make-over: @Ama_glamz (pardon me I am still a learner.....)

#You can, if you WILL

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