Wednesday 8 February 2017

What’s Your Valentine’s day like?

I use to tell my friends that every day is Valentine's day. But then as funny as this statement may sound, it means a lot to me. I acknowledge that Valentine's day is a day set aside in remembrance of Saint Valentine of Rome, the martyr. In the 14th century, Geoffrey Chaucer had associated Saint Valentine’s Day with romantic love, maybe because of Saint Valentine’s care and love towards his jailer daughters, Asterius. To cut the long story short,you could click here to read more about Valentine’s Day.

Over time, Valentine’s Day has evolved into an occasion in which lovers express their love for one another by presenting gift and so on. But my take  is –  “every day is Valentine’s day” or what do you think? This is not to say that I would not mark this event and I mean in the real marking of it oooo!!! but come on, I show love to my spouse, my kids, relatives, friends and neighbors every other day.

Where it matters again for me is the fashion and styles that are usually on display during Valentine seasons - they are interesting! Just as you know, the colour red symbolizes love and for that sole reason you see a lot of peeps in red on Valentine’s Day. Yes I like red and I agree it symbolizes love but if love is gentle, calm, patient, pure and kind then we may as well rock outfits in other colours that symbolize the above attributes.

So for this oncoming Val, I have decided to opt for a white/cream/ivory outfit which symbolizes purity; blush pink which symbolizes softness, tenderness and of course RED……yes! I will sure put a touch of red in my outfits. So basically, soft colour outfits will be so ideal for this Valentine’s Day as they could also send strong love messages.
Here are some Val outfit ideas I have taken time to curate....

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