Friday 10 February 2017

DIY: The Basic Top and Loose Pant

Happy weekend Lovelies, here is wishing you a restful weekend.

I wore this outfit a couple of days ago but decided to make a post about it tonight. It’s not been easy running this blog as I am only able to make posts only at nights but you my readers have made it worth the while for me. My life is an interesting one though – business analyst by the day and blogger at night…..Lol😉😉😉😉😉

On one my my trips to Lagos Island, I stumbled on this range of fabrics, double-faced and I loved them so much. I got a number of them in different colours but trust me, I couldn't have left my new colour crush out, so I also bought yellow of this fabric. The right side of the fabric is georgette while what seems to be the wrong side of the fabric looks like satin and in a lighter shade of yellow.

I made my loose pant with the georgette side of the fabric and then made the top using the satin side. I choose a simple style which is the loose pant and what I call a basic top. "Basic" because I had laid, marked and cut a simple pattern of a bodice without adding any twist to the pattern. But trust me, “there is beauty in simplicity”,again I have always agreed with Coco Chanel’s line “simplicity is the key note of all true elegance”.

Styling the outfit: I opted for a Champagne strap heels and a black clutch. I also used a gold plated chain belt to accentuate my figure.

See more pictures........

Thanks for stopping by. Xoxo

Dress: @Ama_glamz
Fabrics: Lagos Island
Footwear: Report. Click here to shop
Bag: an old clutch
My Jewelries: Lagos Island (I like to promote
Make-over: @Ama_glamz (pardon me I am still a learner.....)

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