Monday 7 November 2016

DIY/OOTD: The Appliquéd Pleat Skirt

Hey Lovelies, hope you had a nice weekend ? 

Today, I wore one of my pieces, the appliquéd pleat skirt. In case you didn’t know, black and white are my best colours, so you’ll be seeing a number of my pieces and work in black and white. I got the fabric I used in making this skirt from Daviva shop, they’ve got plain fabrics in varied colours and in easy to sew texture. After making the skirt, it looked so plain and ordinary so I thought I should add some designs to it to highlight it.  So I made circle and square shapes using some leftover yellow and orange fabrics I’d used in making dresses in the past, then placed them in contrasting manner at the hem area of the skirt. 

It was a lot of work because I didn’t use sewing machine in fixing the handmade applique. I added beads and sequins round the circle and square pieces, so I’d used needle to work round the cut out shapes.
Good news is, it is easy and fun making your outfits.

Check out more pictures here………….

The applique on my skirt rounded using sequins and beads.

The applique on my skirt rounded using sequins and beads.

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