Monday 28 November 2016

The Front Slit Style that Trended Over The Weekend.

If you follow fashion trends you’ll always have stories to tell. Over the weekend, I’d spotted a style/trend that I can’t just keep quiet about and that is “the high front slit”. I’d spotted lots of celebrity rocking high front slits to different events and engagements over the weekend and you know what! I loveeee them. 

For what I know, front slit has been around for long but you can’t help but appreciate the manner in which some ladies rocked theirs over the weekend. For me, front slit is that one thing that when added to a garment can totally redefine the silhouette. It’s sexy and it also has a way of accentuating the wearers femininity…………….ok, did I just say all that???

Just see for thyself…………….

Thanks for stopping. Xoxo
Image Credit: Instagram

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