Friday 14 September 2018

Weekend Style Inspo: In My Mix and Match Pattern Fit

One thing I always have in mind while playing dress up is ensuring I appear bold with my styles while keeping in simple and subtle. Contradictory statement! Right?  

I love to mix and match patterns and colors in my outfits. It is fun for me and it gives me this sense of freedom and ease but I must let you know that mixing and matching of patterns are not for the faint heart..........😅😆
I'd put this look together for a weekend date with some friends.

I’ve seen some write-ups on “tips on how to mix and match patterns” but for me what I consider while mixing patterns go beyond the regular rules of ensuring prints have similar elements like pattern sizes, colours and so on. I approach my mix and match pattern game from an artists’ point of view........hit my IG account @ama_glamzclothing to understand what I mean.

And like I said before, mixing and matching of pattern is an expression of freedom,it make your fashion daring and bold as well makes your presence engaging to the crowd.

How well do you like my mix and match pattern on this Kike Co-ord. And would you rock this MATCH? Please comment below.

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