Monday 6 August 2018

A Smart Way To Style All White Loose Fit

So it seems I am beginning to get my blogging mojo back or better still, I’ve managed in the mist of my busy schedule to create a few content. I must give it to bloggers who have held forth for years creating amazing content against all odds.

Got this stunner, a white Palazzo made by yours truly(me) and a top I bought from a friend who runs a boutique. I am never one for loose fits (See my post on style personality by clicking here  - it's an amazing read) but lately I decided to let my head down and try loose fits and I must confess, I am loving them. Like they say, “there is no harm in trial”. I think I nailed this look, although I am aware there could be many other ways to slay in these pieces.

Please do let me know what you think of how I styled this white on white loose fit and how you would prefer to style it.

Scroll down for more pictures

My Outfit:
Palazzo Pant: here  or here
Top: here( available in Gold and Black - Request for my code for discount) 
Shoe: here or here
Hair: here  or  here 

Thanks for stopping by. Xoxo
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  1. It's all depends on you that how you make it simple or how you make it more stylish. This time we are taking all the things which we are getting from the society where is matter more as we want. So now it is good to change us with the help of the society to live happy life.