Monday 15 January 2018

5 Biggest Lessons Learnt in 2017

Get Started:
You can never have it all in life; even the financially rich people in our society have some sort of needs unmet. So if you have a dream or plan to execute a thing, endeavor to start with whatever resources available to you at the moment the instinct “to start” comes to you. If you wait until you have enough resources or money etc., your dream may wither along the line. Once your plans are clearly mapped out and you are focused, things have a way of falling in place not forgetting God’s divine providence. I’d started my fashion line with just one domestic sewing machine and had overtime earned enormously with “a single domestic sewing machine”. I believe in making something out of ALMOST nothing; yeah it’s possible.

Love and promote yourself:
I have grown to understand that every being is uniquely made by God. So in your “not so tall”, “no hour glass body figure”, “too fat”, “too slim”, “big lips”, “big eye” nature, you have been uniquely made by God and you cannot change it. People have had to take drugs to lose weight, undergo cosmetic surgical operation to look like their crush/mentor but guess what, most of such come with some non-redeemable consequences. So dear, why not love yourself the way you are? I've not just learnt to LOVE ME for who I am but to also PROMOTE MYSELF whenever the opportunity to do so comes. If you are a career person, in business or an entrepreneur you will relate more with this point around ‘promoting oneself’. The point remains, “if you don’t promote yourself, who do you think will?"

All relationship are not useful:
I grew up under the care of a mother who have so many friends but no very close friend and as they say, “up bringing shape a child”. So like my mother, I have so many friends but you wouldn’t get to see me cling to a particular friend although I appreciate it when I see the “bestyyy kind of friends”. But then again, I have also learnt that all friendships/relationships are not useful to me and have found it necessary to cut off any relationship that instead of adding value to my personal, marital, spiritual, emotional life suck them. The point is, some relationships/friendships have more negative impact on us than positive, so consciously be around colleagues, friends and family members who help you become a better version of yourself.  Disengage from toxic relationships while you remain convinced you don’t have negative influence on others. I consciously move in the company of people who help me thrive in different aspects of my life.

People Matter:
You know that feeling of “what would I have done without you”?? I have a number of people I said this to in 2017. You obviously know that “there is no life without people”. I am surrounded by some amazing people at my 9 – 5 work place; for my fashion business, I have got some amazing customers turn sisters and then my family. I have learnt to acknowledge individual differences and respect people for who they are. People have got their opinions/expectations and perceptions about life and for this reason I have learnt not to impose my opinion/expectation/perception on others. As for having misunderstanding with people, that will surely happen but the ability to put all differences to rest and move on matters a lot. Bear in mind also that some people will hate you for no fault of yours; it could just be because of your guts, your progress or they feel intimidated around you. Ensure you carry on with your life while being careful of such individual(s).

Don’t let people define you:
Know who you are, what you stand for and what you hope to achieve in life and by that way people will not unduly interfere in your life or affairs. This is very simple, “if you don’t define who you are, people will define it”. It is better to write your story and have people read than let someone write your story while you play the correction game.

In a nutshell, I had an amazing 2017 and I am grateful to God almighty, to my family and to you my amazing audience( on my blog). What other way to start the year(2018) than to share some life lessons which have worked magic for me. Thanks for keeping me here and for always coming back to my blog to have a read of my posts. Trust you find this post useful.
Keep glued to my blog this year and let’s rock 2018 together. I promise I will be serving a lot of interesting and inspiring posts this year.

Remember, You Can,If You WILL!💙💚💛💜

Thanks for stopping by. Xoxo
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