Monday 11 September 2017

His Pieces Inspire Me: Brandon Maxwell's Spring 2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection

Mayowa Nicolas in Brandon Maxwell Spring 2018 RTW(
As an ardent fan of Brandon Maxwell, I make it a point of duty to look out for his collections/ works. And when I come across any of his works, be it a single piece or collection, I don’t just watch rather I study them(it) with so much attention and with the intention to understand his tricks, techniques and all. His works are effortless, compelling and highly structured. So his pieces appear simple right? But I see so much sophistication when I look at them.

Here Brandon Maxwell goes again, his Spring 2018 RTW collection totally shut me up. Reason being because If I was asked to write an article about his pieces, I would have boldly put it out without any reservation that Brandon Maxwell likes black, white, Ivory and other colour within this listed class of colours. But now, with his Spring 2018 RTW collection, I have a totally different opinion. Again I said to myself, Brandon is versatile, he is experimental and creative; the way he’d put together colours in this collection absolutely made the collection awesome, the silhouette and aesthetics are second to none. I also know Brandon to have pitched his tent in the plain fabrics camp as against print fabrics; but who knows, maybe he would also have his own unique way around the use of print fabrics in fashion making.

If I have my way, I would like to intern with Brandon Maxwell. He inspires me a whole lot. Check out my earliest post about Brandon Maxwell here
Pieces from Brandon Maxwell’s Spring 2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection.

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