Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Peplum Gingham Top on Ankle Grazer Pant

“One way to know you have done something incredible is when people do not believe you did it”. Ama Glamz

Hi Lovelies, it’s been such a long time and I must say I missed you, I missed blogging, and I missed the frequent visits to the blog to check the number of blog visit from different locations. I took on a project that usurped 99% of my time, although it's nothing to lament about anyways. I had made only 1 post in the month of July and this is my first post in the month of August’17 but I am positive I will be putting out more posts going forward for you my Lovelies.

From the stack of my project comes this little gingham top. Gingham has come back to stay and I thought I should design, sew and rock it my own way, keeping it simple and chic. I made this top sometime in March this year but never had the time to rock it and get photos. I’d also made a dress, an oldie or call it school girl kinda dress with the same fabric. Sewing my gingham top and dress took me back to my secondary school days where gingham fabrics were a-must-have for every school girl especially those who attended boarding schools. Now I'm having the nostalgic feeling again….lol

Enough said! Now check me out and let me know what you think about this look. I will be posting  the school girl gingham dress in a few days.

I decided to also goof around during the photo shoot. Life is fun you know, so I make playing part of my daily activities. 
If you like and want this peplum top and the ankle grazer pant contact me via Instagram @ama_glamz, facebook @amaglamz or whatsapp 08137007677. Top also available in red, Pink and navy-blue gingham.

Thanks for stopping by.Xoxo


  1. very nice outfit and fashion concept

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