Thursday 26 January 2017

OOTD/DIY: The Diamond Circle Top on a marching Pencil Pant

Hi Lovelies, how was your day?

I made a post a couple of days ago about "The Diamond Short Ball Dress" and I promised to post soonest another outfit I had made using the remaining fabric. Here it is, a “Circle Top worn on marching Pencil Pant”.

I rocked today’s outfit with a black clutch and a scarlet red court shoe. I had also put up a post on facebook in the early hours of today asking friends which of the looks they prefer; about 60% of my friends preferred “the diamond Short ball Dress look”. I like the dress look because I’d rock it on a certain day and for occasions quite different from the days I would feel like rocking the circle top on pencil pant look. The dress look seems flirty while the circle top on marching pencil pant look seems conservative.

A number of people had requested for tutorials on how I make my outfits, please note that I am working on resources for this. I will be so happy to announce it as soon as I put things in place, so keep your fingers crossed and stay connected.

Click for more pictures............

The Diamond Short Ball Dress
Which of the styles do you like most?

Thanks for stooping by. Xoxo💚💛💜

Dress: @Ama_glamz
Shoe: Carrano. Click here to shop
Clutch: Very old clutch
Jewelries: Lagos Island (I like to promote
Make-over: @Ama_glamz (pardon me I am still a learner.....)

#You can, if you WILL💙

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