Thursday 16 May 2019

Creating the Ultimate Power Look with Mixed Prints

You will agree with me that mixing and matching of prints could be tough, not only from a designer’s point of view but also from a wearer’s. However, there are some tips and tricks that will help you create appealing, easy and cool mixed prints look after-all.

About a decades or more  ago, it seemed awful wearing two or more different prints in an outfit but today, it has become an in-thing. In fact, the fashion rule “don’t mix your prints” is considered outdated; not to say that a lot of fashion rules that were obtainable a few decades ago have been bent to the core.
I tried as much as possible to simplify these tips, hoping you will be able to get a good grasp of the point I am trying to make here.

So in mixing prints, consider these - 

Consider colors while trying to marry two different prints. Think about how the colors you want to match complement each other. In other words; consider matching ranges of colors in the same palette or totally contrasting colors. This is a simple trick and I bet you will come up with mix and match of prints that will look cool.


Stick to similar theme and family of prints. In this case, you could consider same pattern in different colors or same pattern in different sizes. Consider creating compelling contrast or inverted color schemes like same prints in boldly contrasting colors(as seen in the pictures below) or play with sizes, like exact patterns in large and small scales. By this way, you would be achieving and striking a balance since similar based artworks or patterns based on the same color scheme have been put together in a look .

Keep your silhouette simple. Consider the style in which the mixed prints are rendered. Try as much as possible to keep it simple and classic, do not employ so much complicated silhouette and do not over layer the outfit as the mixed prints are meant to do the talking.

Need I say that mixed prints outfits are not for everyone, it’s takes a creative eye to appreciate it. Mixing and matching of print can be tasking, however, do not over think it. Catch your fun while at it; playing with the different designs, graphics and prints. 

With these tips, be sure to turn that boring wardrobe of same print outfits and plain color outfits into an engaging, vibrant and chic one. These tips may not be exhaustive, however embedded in them are almost all the tricks there are.

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